TES100SG (Stereo Tactile Motion System)


The TES-100 Stereo Motion System adds an unbelievably accurate, powerful, and uniform tactile effect to all types of chairs or couches. The system delivers amazing "stereo" motion effects. Watching a powerful stock car zoom from left to right across your display now means FEELING the ground-quaking engine racing from left to right in your seat! For those home theater enthusiasts who require high power output, the TES-100 Stereo Motion System is a necessity. Reviews and Customer Feedback

The TES-100 remains true to the artistic content of movies and music. It delivers the low frequency content in an accurate, natural and powerful way.

Crowson's TES-100 Stereo can be installed by a person with no mechanical skill in less than 15 minutes. No modifications to furniture or flooring are required. The system easily interfaces with standard audio equipment using conventional audio signals.

The TES-100 Stereo Motion System includes :

  • 2 TES 100 Linear Actuators - The TES Actuator is a patented electromagnetic motor specifically designed to deliver extraordinarily accurate low frequency motion to a wide range of furnishings. The Actuator is constructed with the highest standards. From rare earth magnets to grained and anodized aluminum, the TES 100 Actuator is pure quality.
  • 2 Motion Isolators - The Motion Isolators dramatically reduce the amount of tactile motion transmitted to the floor and surrounding environment. They effectively isolate the tactile sensation to the couch or chair. The Motion Isolators are made of a high quality mark-free rubber.
The TES 100 Stereo Motion System requires:
  • Stereo amplifier - We highly recommend: Crowson A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier. Third party two-channel (stereo) amplifiers may work to power the two (2) TES 100 Linear Actuaors but require the addition of a Bass Management Pre-Amplifier. We recommend a DEDICATED amplifier that can produce 50 to 500 Watts per channel with a 6 ohm load. It is also useful to have volume or gain control and line level pass throughs.

  • RCA Y adaptors and cables - RCA male-to-two female Y adaptors may be necessary if your amplifier does not feature line level pass throughs. Standard audio RCA cables can be used. In many cases a two channel cable can be separated to yield two mono RCA cables. (See installation manual for specific requirements.)

  • Speaker wire - Standard audio speaker wire should be used to deliver power from the amplifier to the TES 100 Actuator. We recommend wire size 18 AWG or larger.


Shadow-8 Stereo Installation Manual PDF

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TES-100 Stereo Installation Manual PDF

TES-100 Mono Installation Manual PDF